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Research shows that band scores for the Writing section of the IELTS are the lowest of the four exam sections among nearly all test groups. This is not surprising, considering writing is the hardest of the four essential language skills to master. The publicly available scoring rubric does not provide enough guidance to help you improve from one practice test to the next. You need feedback and to have your errors pointed out.

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Our professional IELTS writing assessments (Academic and General tests) include the following:

  1. A full edit: we will fix all language issues (grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, inappropriate transitions, and all other issues).
  2. A predictive band score (accurate to within a half band, based on our experience assessing hundreds of test samples.)
  3. Highlighted problem areas: we will point out content issues such as illogical connections, a failure to address the topic directly, unsupported arguments, irrelevant examples, and so on.
  4. A detailed analysis to let you know where you are likely losing points and what language and structural areas you need to review and/or practice in order to avoid repeating mistakes.

Assessment format: if you submit a typed sample, we will edit it using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. If you submit a scanned handwritten sample, we will print it out, mark the edits with a red pen, rescan it, and set back to you as a printable PDF file. For the complete assessment option, you will also receive a typed, detailed analysis of your writing.

The Basic option includes features 1 & 2 only (full edit, score, overview statement).

The Complete Assessment option includes an edit and score, as well as a detailed analysis of your writing according to the four scoring criteria, with problem-specific highlights and individual band scores for each of the following:

  • Task completion: This criterion measures your understanding of the general and specific topics; your ability to clearly answer the question(s) or to provide an opinion, as the case may be; meeting the minimum word count and following standards of academic writing, including the use of essential paragraphs (introduction, body, conclusion); your ability to provide relevant and convincing arguments, support, and examples; for task 1 academic, your ability to include the relevant details and overview of the information presented; for task 1 general, your ability to fulfill the required bullet points and clearly fulfill the purpose of the task.
  • Cohesion & Coherence: These criteria measure your ability to construct a logical, flowing, and easy-to-understand reading. This includes use of transitions and linking terms, conjunctions and punctuation, pronouns, and complete sentences. You will also be scored on your ability to elaborate on points made and the strength and relevance of the support you provide for these, as well as the effectiveness of examples used. You will also need to demonstrate an understanding of basic paragraphing standards, such as topic and ending sentences.
  • Lexical Resource: This criterion measures your ability to use vocabulary correctly in terms of parts of speech, spelling, and meaning. It also measures the appropriateness of words choices in terms of context and effectiveness, as well as variety and naturalness. Lastly, it measures your ability to use idiomatic language.
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy: This criterion measures your mastery of basic grammar rules, for example article use, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses (use and variety), clauses and phrases, and others. It also measures ability to vary sentence structures, and utilize various stylistic tools.

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