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Every skill requires practice on a regular basis. This is especially true when mastering a language and even more so when it comes to writing in that language. This is where Write to Top can help.


Good writing demands a strong grasp of grammar, a solid foundation of vocabulary, and an understanding of basic sentence structures, paragraphing, and organization of ideas.

This site offers guidance to help you acquire all these tools:


Learn or review your understanding of basic grammar rules and structures to make your ideas clear to any reader. Learn about the parts of speech to ensure you are using the correct form of a word; learn the tenses to make sure your reader can follow your train of thought; learn about the different sentence structures you will need to add some variety to your writing and make it more interesting; help your reader make sense of your ideas by using proper punctuation to maintain clarity, adjust pace, add emphasis, and so on.

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As you strengthen your grammar base, you should also build up your vocabulary bank. You can do this at Write to Top in several ways: look up new words you discover throughout the site as we tend to use higher-end words to show you how they work in context; see our Vocabulary page for some tips on building your vocab; watch our videos dedicated to vocabulary issues; download our lists of troublesome words.

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Now that you’re ready to construct sentences, it’s on to paragraphs, essays, summaries and more.


Once you’ve built up a strong base of grammar, vocab, structure, and other foundational components of the language, you can begin working on essay writing. We will walk you through the entire process, from interpreting the task to planning, writing, and editing your draft. We will also look at other writing styles, such as summaries, reports, and letters. Though this section focuses primarily on writing for tests (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), the principles can be easily applied to other areas, such as academic, business, or even personal contexts.

Don’t forget to visit our video library for more great lessons on how to write well.

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Need to take a language proficiency exam? Start your preparations here. Whether for school or immigration, or just to give yourself a boost, we have what you need to succeed on any language test.

Test strategies:

We have several pages of IELTS test preparation material to help you prepare for your test. Many of the insights and strategies can also be applied to other tests, though we will build up separate pages for these as well. Soon we will have pages for TOEFL, CAE/CPE, TOEIC, and others. We also have videos in our library to help you study better, practice your listening skills, and work on other aspects of test taking.

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A great way to learn to write is to study samples of the writing styles you need to master. We have several pages presenting different levels of essays, letters, reports, and summaries from our own writers as well as from test takers like you. We show you what a band 6 essay (IELTS) looks like as well as what a score 26 essay (TOEFL) looks like, and we point out why students lost points and what they did well.

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Resources: (A.K.A. The Library)

Apart from the essentials of the language, there are many specifics that need to be mastered in order to read and write well. These are the items that often give learners of English a difficult time. In The Library, you can see many lists such as irregular verbs and plurals, commonly misspelled words, common abbreviations, and others. By studying these lists you can avoid common errors. We also have an idea bank to help you with some ideas to use for your essays, as well essay samples (written both by us and fellow test takers), a video library, and more.

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We can also help you with editing and writing of specific writing projects. Don’t forget to have a look at out e-book store for useful study materials.

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