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Sample 5. IELTS Task 2 (General): Online Friends (Band 6)

Many people make friends through social sites and chat rooms. Some believe that it is not a good idea to make friends without meeting them face to face. Do you agree or disagree with this?


Social sites such as Facebook and Instagram are allowing people to make friends on-line, and there is no doubt that most of us enjoy having virtual friends. Still, some people believe that it is not a good idea because you have not actually met your friend in-person. In my opinion, making friends on the Internet has a lot of advantages and it is the modern way of socializing.

Social sites have allowed people from all over the world to become more connected than ever – making friends with people overseas, communicating on regular basis with them, and sharing close bonds with them have become so much easier. For example, a person in Singapore can be friend another person in India, simply by sending a Facebook friend request. Moreover, one doesn’t need to make a lot of effort going out to a bar or cafe to meet a person because chatting with a Facebook friend requires only a computer with internet. Therefore, the modern way of making friends and keeping in touch with them is really easy and efficient.

Many people still insist that meeting face to face is a better idea for making new friends, but in today’s a lot of people do not have enough time to see people. For instance, my working hours are long and often unsociable, so the only time I get to socialize is late at nights. As a result, chatting with online friends is the only suitable option for me. Furthermore, by exchanging photographs and doing video calls with them give me the impression that is as good as meeting them in person. Therefore, there is no need to meet someone face-to-face to become friends with.

In conclusion, though there are a few who still believe in traditional ways of making friends, the modern approach is definitely as good as the old way and better in terms of making friends from a different country.

Overview: Applicant provides a well-argued essay with good elaboration and strong examples. The problem is that these are not focused on the task as given. The language itself is good, but for a higher score will need some better vocab and more variety in terms of sentence structures.

Review: Complete ideas, transitions/ variety, task comprehension

Test likely score: 6

Task completion—5.5    Cohesion & Coherence—6.5

Lexical Resource—6       Grammatical Range & Accuracy—6.5