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Sample 2. IELTS General Task 1: Formal Letter (band 7)

Write a letter to an airline manager to find out about something you forgot on the plane during your travel.

In your letter:
– give details about your flight
– describe the item you forgot
– explain why it is important that you get it back


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you about my bag, which I left on the plane from Mumbai to Singapore. I hope you could help me to find it.

I took flight SQ-937 from Mumbai to Singapore on 25-September-2017 at 11:30PM. I arrived early morning, around 07:30AM, and because I had a meeting at 10:00AM, I quickly left the plane without checking my belongings.

In the rush, I forgot to collect my black Gucci bag. It is a 15×12 inch document holder, and it has two compartments. In the top section you will find my business card, and in the other compartment, there are a few official documents.

Those documents are very important for me, as they are signed papers. Although I can prepare new documents, I don’t have enough time as I need to submit them within next two days.

Therefore, I kindly request that you check with your lost-and-found department to see if they have found my bag. If they find it then you can call me on my cell phone, my contact details are available in your system. I will personally collect the documents.

I really appreciate your help, and I hope we will find the bag soon. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx

Overview: The applicant’s writing is good in terms of getting ideas across clearly. The letter is simple and clear, but needs to be careful about the purpose of the letter (request vs. inform) and paragraphing.

Review: grammar, redundancy, sentence variety

Test likely score: 7

Task completion—6.5    Cohesion & Coherence—6.5

Lexical Resource—7       Grammatical Range & Accuracy—7