Vol. 3 Technology & the Internet


Technology is more than computers and smartphones; it includes things like fire, wind energy, and even language. The internet, as well, is a topic that is just getting bigger and bigger.

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The Write Idea contents:

  • Comprehensive vocabulary lists that touch on all areas of a chosen topic
  • Extra synonyms and expressions for commonly used words (Add variety to your writing!)
  • Lots of sample questions for you to consider and practice answering
  • A more focused look at subtopics and ideas related to each
  • Ready-made examples that you can apply to almost any essay task
  • Sample essays, written at the highest level (IELTS – 9, TOEFL – 30), in which you can study grammar and structure, language use, and convincing arguments

Do your thinking before test day—stay relaxed and approach any task with confidence.

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Technology & the Internet




pages: 52
Keywords: 700+
Subtopics: 28
Questions: 59
Essay samples: 13


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