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Sample 3. IELTS Task 2: Education, Curricula

More and more schools these days promote the sciences and maths, as well as sports in their curricula. Less attention and effort is given to helping students explore the arts, such as painting, music, and dance.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and say whether you agree with it.

The past a few years have seen a considerable alteration in the curricula and it seems that definite subjects are being encouraged as well as sports rather than tender skills. In evaluating the merits of this trend, one should adopt broader perspective, I completely agree that these complex sciences can significantly rank in this intellectual age of the world.

First of all, it is an undeniable fact that exact subjects have donated to the shape of children’s mind complexly. From scientific standpoint, the children who participate in mathematic group, are skillful at every science of school. This survey demonstrates mathematic children to be more educated and they are inclined to be creator or inventor. Moreover, it is an indisputable fact that nowadays unprecedented progresses are being achieved by means of mathematics, physics, and this kind of science has crucially contributed to the revolution of the world. A good illustration of this is advanced technologies which importantly rule in our lives such as mobile phone and computer service to human to arrange their work considerably. These days, it is hard a day goes without using one of invention. In fact, this advancement turns out to exact science. . A vast of question has required mathematic answer since inventing such kind of technologies. In addition to this, the rank of exact science is vital on the development of a country. Every construction associates with economy in each situation such as arranging place to build structures.

Furthermore, sport, incredibly useful activity, is prized for two main characteristics in schools. First of all, sport can provide children with being healthy and it is resistant to be sick. Therefore, most schools pay attention more for it in order that children grow up strongly. For example, the children who attend sports, are against weakness. Another crucial character is that it encourages brain and this process entails to acquire knowledge much easier and simpler during lessons. For example, sport can avoid being paralysis of children. In conclusion, sport is treasured not only for its protector from illness, but also, for its exceedingly respective to working process of brain.

Based above – mentioned facts, I tend to believe that these movements can be absolutely reasonable option to development of school boys.


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