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Sample 1. IELTS Academic Task1 Line Graph (band 6)

report sample 5

The line graph demonstrates the unemployment proportions in the United States and Japan from March 1993 to March 1999. It can be noted that there was an overall rise in the unemployment rate in Japan over the given years; in contrast, the percentage dropped by 2% in the US over the span of the report.

In Japan, March 1993, three people per 100 were unemployed; the percentage climbed to just over 3.5% in the following year; then, the proportion fluctuated over the year before jumping by over 1% between 1995 and 1996; after that, the rate saw a further fluctuation over the year; next, the percentage remained constant before elevating to slightly more than 5% in 1998; finally, the number of unemployed work force slightly dipped to 5 per 100 in 1999.

Regarding the unemployment proportion of the US, it fluctuated with an overall drop of about 1.5% from 1993 to 1996; then it went down to approximately 5.5% before steadying for a year; finally, it fluctuated with an overall decline of 0.5% over the final two years; the unemployment rate ended with 5%, a similar percentage to that Japan finished with.

Overview: Writer shows an understanding of the infographic and the task. However, the writer relies too heavily on expressions of sequence (then, next, after that, etc.) and does not vary these tools in the body paragraphs. Also, there is a lack of vocabulary variety. The writer also uses semicolons excessively. Lastly, writer tries to note almost all points on the graphs without showing relationship between the two countries’ trends.

Review: Vocabulary, punctuation, logical connections

Task 1 likely score:  6

Task completion—6.5    Cohesion & Coherence—6

Lexical Resource—6       Grammatical Range & Accuracy—6