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Sample 6. IELTS Academic Task1 bar graph

The chart below provides the results of a survey conducted by a Human Resources Department for a major recruiting company. The survey asked people of different age groups the reasons they keep their jobs and don’t look for a new job.
Summarize the information below. Select and report on the main features and compare where relevant.
task 1 graph wtt
The bar graph presents the four main reasons employees choose to remain with their present employers. The questionnaire, which was administered by the HR department of a headhunting company, was given to workers aged 21–30, 31–45, and 46–65.

It is clear from the results that priorities change with age, especially in terms of security. Whereas 80% of the oldest group cited job security as a prime reason to continue with their current employer, less than a quarter of the youngest workers, 21%, felt the same. Conversely, the 21-30-year-olds viewed their coworkers as the main motivation to stay at their jobs, at 72%. Less than half of the oldest group said the same.

Salary, while a deciding factor for all three groups, especially those between 31 and 45, still only ranks third among young workers’ priorities. Close behind their coworkers, this group values experience very highly. For both the middle and older groups, experience is the least important reason to stay at their jobs, at roughly 42% and 15% respectively.