IELTS Academic Task 1— Table

The table below gives information about the percentage of adults who paid for admission to various entertainment events in five nations in 2012.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Version 1 (according to countries)
The table presents data on purchases of four entertainment types in North America and Europe in 2012. The information is presented in terms of average adult attendance as a percentage of the population.

Overall, it is clear that the most popular form of entertainment in all five countries was movies. The least favourite was museums and galleries in the North American market, and sporting events in Europe.

Over half of Canadian and American adults bought film tickets, the latter at 59.7% of the population and the former at 52.6%. Museums and galleries were favoured by just a fifth of adults in the USA and only 15.6% of Canadians, figures that were nearly doubled and more than doubled, respectively, by their European counterparts. Sports and performing arts ticket purchases were within a 10% variance among all countries.

Among European adults, all four forms of entertainment attracted similar numbers. The greatest gap was about 7% between Germany and both France and the UK in terms of the performing arts, while sports had less than an 8% difference between the highest (UK, 31.1%), and the lowest (France, 22.7%).

Version 2 (in video)
The table presents data on the entertainment purchases of adults in Canada, the USA, France, Germany, and the UK in 2012. The information is presented in terms of average adult attendance as a percentage of the population.

Overall, movies were the most popular form of entertainment among adults in all five countries, with museums/galleries and sporting events being the least popular in North America and Europe, respectively.

While the performing arts do not show a great discrepancy in adult attendance, ranging from a low of 31.9% in Canada to a high of 41.9% in France, it is different for museum and gallery visits. France nearly doubles the USA in this regard (39.1% to 20.6%), while all three European countries, whose rates are relatively similar, more than double Canada’s rate of 15.6%.

In terms of sports, there is a similarly small variance among the five countries, with the UK boasting the most sold tickets to adults at 31.1% of the population, and France the lowest, at 22.7%. Cinemas, meanwhile, attract over half the adult populations of Canada and the USA, while in Europe, the high is just 46.4% in the UK.